Easy steps to use Zoom like a Pro Filmmaker – recording

Easy steps to use Zoom like a Pro Filmmaker

Online Course

Discover the most important artistic aspects of working with Zoom videoconferencing.

  • Do you need to use Zoom videoconferencing to connect with people,
  • And want to communicate your presence clearly,
  • And learn how to work better with Zoom’s features,
  • So that you can take your work to a new level?
Yes? Then you are in the right place!

I will show you how to create great Zoom videos with the tools you already have, by becoming aware of and improving your (visual) messages.



9 essential video tipps

My all time favorite tools


The power of lighting


Green Screen


How to handle zoom.us and its most important features

Getting comfortable in front of a camera and playfully use video technology

My name is Ludwig and I have ever since school worked in the film industry. Including film productions, international productions on set, cinematography MfA in one of the best film schools in the US and mentor at YouTube space in Berlin and at the Institute of Art, Design + Technology in Dublin.

By the end of the day you will ask,
why didn’t I start with video earlier?!

I have worked on state of the art, big budget film and one person „do-it-yourself“ high efficient YouTuber videos.

I combine the know-how from all these different areas and translate the essentials for people like you to apply them at home.

Recording: 39 €

Still have questions?
Send me an e-mail: support@kameraspiel.de


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